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  • The Best Online Test App for Education & Business

    Our secure, professional web-based testing service is an easy-to-use, customizable online test maker for business, training & educational assessment with tests & quizzes graded instantly saving hours of paperwork!

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  • Create Custom Test & Exams Online

    Easy to define Test settings

    Assign tests with groups

    Results automatically graded & instantly available

    Works with Android, iPad, iPhone, Smart devices

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Create Custom Tests & Exams Online

Check out those features!

Easy to use User Interface

Fully Configurable Tests

Manage your candidates

Take Tests on Mobile


We provide interactive and simplified features for conducting Online Tests. Test are fully configurable and questions are easy to add. Create a test & assign to registered users.

Easy to use User Interface

System has been designed to allow you to create and assign your tests with ease and speed.

View Step by Step Screen shots to see how easy our Interface is to use.

Hassle Free Question Management

Take control over how and when your tests are taken

  • Create new Sections.

  • Add questions in Section.

  • See the difficulty level of the question.

  • Change the order of the question

  • Import Questions from previous test

Fully Configurable Test

  • Add new test quickly and easily

  • Create groups

  • Assign tests to the specific group

  • Set time limit of the test>

  • Arrange questions according to section

  • Manage result of the Candidates

  • Import questions from previous Test

  • Import questions from Excel

Manage your Candidates

  • Add Candidates quickly

  • Maintain groups & individuals

  • Import Candidates from Excel

  • See Detail Result of the Candidate

Give Tests on Mobile

  • Android App for Candidates

  • Give Tests using Internet

  • View Current Test in Mobile

  • Start Test and View Results

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